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Hi, I’m Simi Rayat

…and it’s my mission to transform leaders and their teams by creating foundations built on inclusion, strong culture and allyship.

I help leaders become joys to work for and do business with because people move mountains for those they adore and respect. When leaders learn the skills to make people feel significant and that they matter, engagement, innovation, well-being, and financial profitability accelerate.

For the last twenty years, I’ve been deeply passionate about helping leaders learn how to authentically spark an internal joy with those they lead and do business with. Through my unique expertise and lived experience of organisational psychology, leadership, entrepreneurship, and well-being, I inspire, empower, and transform people into great leaders who are a joy to work for and do business with.

Simi Rayat


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The Challenge of Great Leadership

What Makes a Leader Great?

They are inspiring, motivating, courageous, self-aware, encouraging and clear in both their vision and communication. In short, great leaders are a joy to work for and do business with. But ‘great leadership’ is not a trait we are born with. It takes dedication and time to develop and hone the necessary skills in order to thrive.

Investing in leadership skills can bring about positive changes in engagement, innovation, well-being, and profitability. But here’s the challenge:
Leaders are so busy, pressed for time, and under immense pressure that they don’t always know how to get the best out of themselves, let alone their teams.

As a globally recognised corporate business psychologist, I have worked with hundreds of corporate leaders, helping them find joy and purpose in transforming their leadership through my coaching and renowned development workshops.

I can help you understand what makes you and your team tick, so you can all thrive and do your best work together!

Are you a joy to work for and do business with?

NOW is the best time to invest in great leadership which sparks

• Great leaders increase employee engagement by 3.4 times & job commitment by 2.7 times
• 39% of employees would leave their current workplace for a more inclusive one
• 47% of millennials actively seek diverse & inclusive organisations

Lead With Impact, Inspire Joy In Your Team

My practice empowers leaders to impact their teams
and businesses through bespoke, tailored programmes.

If you’re ready to transform your leadership, explore all the ways I can help you bring joy back to your work!




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About simi

Simi is a globally acclaimed business psychologist
and one of Australia’s top leadership coaches.

With over two decades of experience, she has helped hundreds of leaders and business owners transform their leadership to become a joy to work with.

A Wiley-published author, Simi’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinational firms, and scaling enterprises in Australia and the UK.

She founded Simi Rayat Psychology Consulting and Coaching Practice and previously owned Minds For The Future, sold in 2016.

As a regular Forbes contributor, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator, Simi is known for her impactful, results-focused, and empathetic approach.

She balances her professional life with being a wife and mother to two boys.

Simi Rayat

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